Young Boys and Their Comics

Every young boy dreams of being a superhero. Whether alone is his room with underpants on outside his pyjamas, or simulating emergency response situations, he's in that familiar mode: saving the world from darkness.
Comic books have made their livelihood on this immutable truth. There must be a Spiderman molecule somewhere with the double helix of the human DNA strand. Why else would the superhero be so universally loved, and on such a fanatical level? Perhaps the students at MIT might consider it a worthy of investigation. Maybe the academic world needs to shine a light on the supposed link between genetic encoding and the love of superhero comics. We could end up with a whole new biological paradigm. Wouldn't that be fascinating?
Fascination is the buzz word for comic books. Comics of every ilk, but particularly of the Spiderman and Batman ilk, have been stealing gasps from boys the world over for eons. No other medium can so brilliantly and entertainingly express the excellence of Spiderman as he ejects his spider webs; or of Batman as he saves Gotham City from the malicious Penguin. This is what young boys will tell you as they jump up and down or run up and down walls in excitement. Who would take it from them?
Maybe the answer as to why boys are so taken by superhero comics is less to do with biology than magic. What if there were subliminal, supernatural forces at work? What if characters such as Lex Luther or The Joker secretly encoded the paper covers of epic boy's comic books with forces capable of hypnotizing them? Or maybe they hide spells within the text to lure children into their worlds? This wild conjecture leads me to the truth: the reality, unfortunately for imaginations that like to rove untamed, is that no such malice exists.
But lovers of the conventional superhero comic do like to fantasise, which is why comics are made out of the stuff of dreams. Why not speculate furiously? Comic books are a rare way in which to lose ourselves. Long may they live.
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