A Powerful Secret in Comic Investing In Order To Make Wise Comic Book Investment Choices!

Last year the stock market roller coaster had a lot of investors wary about investing in stocks. In a single day, investors lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Quite a few IRA's were completely wiped out and many took nose dives. While all this happened, comic investing flourished. Demand for certain issues rose in value, and certain golden and silver age comic books set record prices in 2011.

A CGC 9.6 Amazing Fantasy #15 (1st Appearance of Spider-Man) sold for $1,100,000 in March 2011, while a Fantastic Four #1 CGC 9.4 sold for $300,000 in 2011, beating its previous sales record of $210,000 in 2010.

There's no doubt that long term comic investing can be quite profitable, and for those who are new to the idea, there's one simple secret that can help you when it comes to investing in comics.

What is it?

It's comic book movies. Yes, Hollywood has turned to the superhero genre for fresh content when it comes to movies. What's better is these movies are extremely successful.

Learning about which movies are rumored or even coming out for a certain superhero is critical in choosing comic books to invest in. Researching and keeping up to date on the development of a certain comic-related movie is vital, because the hype pushes the demand and the value of the comic a lot quicker than it normally would.

A movie about Superman will spark interest and demand in his books. Pretty simple, huh? Not really.

Not just any comic will do. Sure, Captain America: The First Avenger did spark more interest in Captain America comics, and they sold quite well during the hype of the movie. However, we are talking about investing in comics that will rise in monetary value. Just because it's a Captain America book doesn't mean it will rise in value.

In this case, the values of only certain comic book issues are increased during a movie's hype. Finding these key issues is just another important part of making wise comic book investment choices. You need to research what's going on with these movies, and not just grab any thing off the shelf just because that character will come out with a movie.

So know you know one simple secret to help guide you to smarter investment comic choices. Now, it's time to find out just which of these key issues you should be on the hunt for.

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