The Rise of Marvel Comic Movies

Remember back in the day, when you would stay on your best behavior all week so you could rush your mom to the comic book store to get the latest pack of Marvel trading cards. The marvel comics have always been popular. But then for a short period marvel trading cards was the thing. The marvel trading cards was a quick way to familiarize yourself with cool new characters that you had not seen before. Marvel artist such as Jim lee have always been able to captivate our interest with creative eye catching graphics. Now its all about marvel comics movies.

Marvel comics first leaped onto the big screen with Captain America in 1944 .But that was when they were called Timely Comics; seventeen years before they adopted the Marvel title and before their super heroes had super powers. There was a major gap in producing fan based movies. Then around 1994 the first Fantastic Four Movie was born. But everyone wanted to know when the really cool marvel characters were going to enter into the realm of live action movies and with cooler special effects.

That was when marvel comics movies took a turn and actually started producing movies under their own studio. In 1998 Blade hit theaters, a superhero that probably was not in everyone's top ten, but the movie was done rather well. Two years later everyone's favorite, X-men, kills the box office. Now we were on a roll. The Amazing Spiderman movie draws fans from all over in 2002. The great thing about this movie was that the webs actually shot out of his hands; unlike the known story where Peter Parker only posses the knowledge to make web formula. And the legacy continues with many other great movies: Daredevil(2003), Hulk(2003), Punisher(2004), a much more impressive Fantastic Four(2005), and the invincible Iron Man(2008). There are new marvel movies hitting theaters each year. Fans may be wondering what upcoming marvel movies to expect in the future. Well it looks like marvel definitely has its hands full for the year to come. There has been word of upcoming marvel movies including "Thor God of Thunder".

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