Cartoon Drawing Tips In Easy and Simple Steps

There are many people who pickup cartoon drawing just to have some fun in their spare time but get hooked later on. This shows the fact that cartoon drawing is really a hobby that can get people easily attracted. But most of the time the guys and gals those who take up the art without much pre-planning fail to make much advancement. And this is quite understandable.

Taking this art for fun is not the issue here but the casual attitude is the reason behind it. To be good at cartooning you have to be ready to do some hard work. That is you would need to do some serious and methodical practice work to be perfect.

Though if you really love cartooning it would not be that difficult for you. And after some efforts your work will be something that you yourself will start enjoying.

Here in this article I will give some pointers that can help even the most casual guy to pickup some good & presentable cartoon drawing skill.

1>>Pick Some basic drawing book & learn and how to hold pencil about various types of lines, so that you can draw smooth lines without difficulty. This may appear too basic to be a helpful tip, but believe me this is a very important step and a very high percentage of enthusiasts are not very comfortable with these things.

2>> Learn how to use eraser so that you can edit or make changes to your art work without making it ugly. Keep in mind that the type of eraser you use also plays an important role here. It in often said, that you need a high quality eraser more than you need a high quality pencil. And I would say it is really true: at least for the newbies.

3>> Go to a bookstore or a library and find a drawing course that shows how to analyse a complex shape into constituent simple geometric shapes. Like if you try to analyse a human figure you will find that human figure can be roughly thought to be made up of few cylinders [for trunk, hands and legs] and a sphere[for head]. In similar fashion any object can be analysed into a number of simple 3D geometric objects. And believe me this skill is the most valuable skill that you can acquire as an aspiring visual artist: as it will give you the confidence to attempt to draw anything no matter how complex it is.

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